What we fund

What we fund

We welcome applications from small and medium sized Merseyside charities operating in any of the five Merseyside boroughs. Our funding can help strengthen local communities and keep vital charity services running.

To be eligible for a grant, you must be a small or medium sized charity headquartered in Merseyside.

What we fund

New or existing projects

Capacity building

Volunteer or beneficiary costs

Advice and support services

Building improvement and equipment

What we look for when awarding grants

Actions that build or strengthen communities

Activities that make a real and positive impact

New approaches to tackle emerging or persistent challenges

Activities that promote self-help and resilience

How much do we give to each successful project

Grants are usually for one year and range from £500 to a maximum of £10,000 for projects generating significant impact. In the case of charities previously supported, we may consider a small number of applications running over two or three years, but this is subject to prior discussion with the Foundation.

In addition, we recognise that some of the best work takes place in communities with limited access to grants and can consider funding towards the core costs of small local grass roots charities (turnover under £100,000).

We are open Wednesday to Friday and are more than happy to give further advice – call 0151 237 2663 if you would like to speak to us.

How soon can a decision be reached?

We review applications quarterly and aim to make decisions within three to four months of receipt.Check out our criteria for further details 2021 PH Holt Main Grant Criteria


Download our application form 2021 Holt Main Grant Application

Return your completed application by email – we are unable to accept submissions sent by post.

Make sure you include your latest Annual Report and Accounts, a recent bank statement, and relevant Safeguarding Policy.

The address to use: [email protected]

Categories we do not consider

National charities

Organisations enjoying widespread support

Activities of a statutory nature

Non charitable or commercial endeavours

Work that has already taken place

Umbrella charities that do not deliver services

Scientific and medical research

Grants to individuals and certain uniformed groups

One off holidays, trips, and sponsorship of individuals or events

Religious and political causes

General charity appeals or mail-shots

Unsuccessful applications

Unfortunately, we cannot help every charity even though your work may fall within eligible criteria as we receive far more applications than we are able to fund. If you have been refused funding, allow at least 12 months to elapse before re-applying to the Foundation.


PH Holt Foundation is an independent grant maker helping to create a better future for the people of  Merseyside


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