Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

 hearing.fw£5,000 to enable people who are profoundly deaf to participate in their local community.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People train hearing dogs to alert deaf children and adults to important danger signals in the home, work place and in public buildings, such as an alarm clock, doorbell, telephone and smoke alarm – providing independence, confidence and valuable companionship. Hearing Dogs was launched at the world famous Crufts dog show in 1982. Since then they have created over 1,600 life-changing partnerships between deaf people and hearing dogs in the UK. The training of a hearing dog takes around 18 months and brings increased peace of mind for a deaf person. Deafness can be a very isolating and lonely disability, and a hearing dog can offer a life-transforming practical alternative to technical equipment with the added benefit of giving the recipient greater independence, increased confidence, companionship and a feeling of security.

PH Holt is helping to fund five new Merseyside partnerships to combat isolation.


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