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Hope Street Ltd

£4,250 towards the Spring Heeled Jack project. Hope Street Ltd focuses its support on communities in Everton that have become fragmented and excluded from opportunities. The Spring Heeled Jack project comprised a carnival in Everton Park and a community-curated exhibition

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£5,950 for FACT’s Older People’s programme. FACT is a Liverpool-based cinema, art gallery and a leading organisation for the support & exhibition of film, art and new media. Fact’s Older People’s Programme is aimed at developing the digital skills of

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Mathematical Education on Merseyside

£500 supporting Merseyside children to improve their maths skills Mathematical Education on Merseyside brings together staff from the three universities in Liverpool with local school teachers to devise, enable and promote mathematical activities throughout the region. The charity runs three schools-related

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Tall Ships Youth Trust

£200 to widen access to opportunities for young people. The Tall Ships Youth Trust, founded in 1956 is dedicated to the personal development of young people through the crewing of ocean going sail training vessels.  It is the UK’s oldest

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The Pagoda Chinese Community and Youth Centre

The Pagoda Chinese Community Centre was founded in 1982 and offers English and Chinese classes, a drop-in service, art and cultural projects, leisure and sports clubs. Their wide ranging activities include workshops for schools and communities across the region and

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Tranmere Community Project

£3,400 to develop parenting courses. Tranmere Community Project takes young people who have disengaged from learning and re-defines learning for them in a way that develops confidence, self-worth and aspiration. Education programmes focus on developing personal and social skills and

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Ariel Trust

£13,000 to improve the maths skills of young people. Ariel Trust is an educational charity which uses digital media to engage and motivate young people who have become switched off to learning. Their work helps to change the attitudes of

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Centre 63

£4,200 to develop the skills of young people in Kirkby. Centre 63 has been working in Kirkby for over 50 years. The Centre delivers informal and community education through three main projects; a service assisting homeless people in resettlement; a

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FareShare Merseyside

£3,000 towards the Merseyside Food Access Project. FareShare Merseyside works to alleviate poverty and food waste. The Merseyside Food Access project supports the health and well-being over 5,700 people every day across the county who experience poverty or vulnerable housing.

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Emmaus Merseyside

£15,000 to help establish an Emmaus community on Merseyside for homeless people. Emmaus Merseyside is one of 24 Emmaus projects across the UK. Emmaus projects provide accommodation, training and employment for homeless people to rebuild their lives. People who live

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