About Us

About Us

PH Holt Foundation and sister charity, Holt Education Trust, are independent grant-makers working to create a better future for the people of Merseyside.

The PH Holt Foundation is named in honour of Philip Henry Holt, who with his brother Alfred, founded Ocean Steam Ship Company Ltd in 1865. In business, the brothers valued self-help, progress, and innovation, and from their wealth contributed much to education, culture and civic life in Liverpool.

The origins of the Company’s grant making began upon Philip’s death in 1914, with the creation of Holt Education Trust to support students from poorer backgrounds, and later with the formation of the charitable trust in 1955.

Since then, our grants have helped improve the quality of life for thousands of people across Merseyside.

Trustees and Governance 

Trustees bring wide experience and expertise to the Foundation in matters of governance, strategy, and investment management.  They are closely involved in the workings of the Foundation, setting the grant-making policy, and deciding upon which charities receive our funding.

Current Trustees of the PH Holt Foundation are:

Ian Bakewell, Chair

Elspeth Christie

Ann Crotty

Chris Evered

Mike Furniss

Amy de Joia

Ian Matthews

Lesley Martin-Wright

Ken Ravenscroft

Annual Report and Accounts

To download our Annual Report and Accounts click below:

PH Holt Accounts 2016-17

PH Holt Accounts 2015-16

PH Holt Accounts 2014-15

PH Holt Accounts 2013-14


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