How to Apply

How to Apply

The application deadlines are 1st February, 1st May, 1st August and 1st November

Who we fund

Registered charities meeting our priority themes and operating in any part of Merseyside. We especially welcome applications from smaller grass roots organisations that find it difficult to attract funds. National charities are rarely supported. To be eligible for consideration, the charity’s operations and project must be specific to Merseyside.

Grant Amount

Grants are of varying sizes, usually for one year with the majority falling under £10,000. Our average grant for example is around £5,000.  In exceptional cases, we can consider larger grants to an appeal of major importance, or to organisations presenting an innovative solution where our support can help get the work off the ground.

In view of the volume of requests, only a fraction of applications meeting criteria receive funding since we frequently receive far more applications than we can fund. Therefore, it is important in the first instance to study our grant criteria to ascertain if your project is eligible for funding. If you wish to discuss your proposal with us before submitting, you are welcome to contact the office for an initial conversation.

To make an application for a grant, download our Grant Form and return your completed application by email, with a copy of your latest Annual Report and Accounts to

When to Apply

Applications are considered quarterly. As a rule, allow 3-4 months from closing date for a funding decision to be reached by the trustees. Complex applications can sometimes take longer, for example if a new project is launching or we are one of a number of potential funders being approached and income has yet to be committed. If your application arrives late or misses an application deadline, it will be considered at the next grant round. This means you may have to wait more than 6 months before we can notify you if your project has been successful.

Click here to download our application form 2017-18 PHHolt-Grant-Application

Unsuccessful Applications

Remember, an application can still be turned down for funding, despite meeting our criteria, simply due to the volume of applications we receive. If you have been refused funding from the Foundation, allow at least 12 months from a decision being made before re-applying to us. Similarly, charities receiving funding from us, should also allow 12 months to elapse from our last grant cheque before making a new application.

Organisations outside our criteria

 Community Interest Companies, social enterprises, non-charitable organisations, overseas charities, national charities outside eligibility criteria and organisations not operating in Merseyside.

 We also do not fund the following areas of work.

Every day running costs and core salaries
Recurrent funding
General fundraising appeals
Statutory or retrospective funding
Academic or medical research including medical care, hospital and hospice appeals
Sponsorship including sports events
Holidays, holiday centres or outings and overseas travel
Religious and political causes
Vehicles and minibuses

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